Nancy walks in on Jeff with another woman; Buddy overhears something Kate says about her, and goes berserk.

Created and written by Jay Presson Allen; directed by Mark Rydell. Douglas V. Fowley: watchman. Bill Smiley: doorman.

Kate: Willie!
Willie: Yeah?
Kate: I want you to take my car and pick up Buddy at school. She has to be at Dr. Wortham's this afternoon. Leave before 3.
Willie: OK.
Kate: You leave here at precisely 2:45. No later. Is that clear?
Willie: Yes! At 3 o'clock, I take the bus, and pick up Dad at his office, and take him to his ballet class.
Kate (to Nancy): Drive on, drive on.
Buddy: I'm the only girl in my class who's not... grown.
Willie: Hey, look, if you're talking about your flat chest -- forget it... They'll grow, don't worry.
Buddy: I wasn't talking about a flat chest! I was talking about height.
Doug: What about the baby? She doesn't want the baby.
Kate: If I got rid of a baby every time I thought I didn't want it, we wouldn't have much of a family.