Thursday's Child

As Timmy Jr.'s christening approaches, the whole family (especially Buddy, who stubbornly refuses to take part) relives the painful memories of Timmy Sr.'s death.

Written and produced by Nigel McKeand and Carol Evan McKeand; directed by Glenn Jordan. Charles Lane: James Lawrence. Ralph Williams: Reverend Coltrane. Barbara Cason: Sylvia Maitland. James Ray: Jeffrey Maitland II. Bill Zuckert: Karl. Brendan Dillon: Mr. Bridges. Patricia Tidy: Mrs. Bridges. William Putch: Fred Hogan.

Kate (to Doug): I'll never forget that evening, when you called. Never. As soon as I heard your voice, even before you said what had happened, I knew. And I knew it wasn't Buddy, or Willie. I knew it was Tim, and I knew he was dead.
Kate: Doug, do you remember that English couple that catered the Freemonts' cocktail party?
Doug: Caterers? Kate, slow down. Jeffrey Maitland isn't paying for this, I am. Get Mrs. Hanley.
Kate: Mrs Hanley? The only reason she works for us is because she likes the lunches I fix for her!
Willie: Do you remember when Charlie and Grace Harmsworth had their big wedding? We went out in a big field and the guests provided the food. I remember I brought Arab bread and a bean and onion salad, and someone else brought couscous...
Doug (hastily): Kate, call the caterers.
[Doug and Buddy are at the cemetery]
Doug: I won't be very long.
Buddy: Why are we here?
Doug: I wanna say goodbye to Timmy. I think you should, too.
Buddy: I already did. When he died.
Doug: I don't think you did. Not really. I know I didn't. Because then, at the time, it would've hurt too much. I took everything I knew about him, all my feelings about him... tucked them away in a secret place.
Buddy: But everything got out... didn't it?
Doug: Yes. Everything got out.
Buddy: It's because of the christening. Because Nancy took Timmy's name and gave it to her baby. She was wrong to do that.
Doug: No, I think that was a good idea.
Buddy: Why?
Doug: Because, in a way, it's like giving our Timmy a second chance.
Buddy: How can he have a second chance? He's dead.
Doug: We'll remember him more. Every time we hear his name.
Buddy: Dad... Why did it happen?
Doug: There's no answer to that question.
Buddy: There is. You just don't wanna say it. It happened 'cause I went on that trip. I made you take me, and I got in the way.
Doug: Buddy, it was not your fault. I used to blame myself. I thought I shouldn't take either of you. You and Timmy were too young for a trip like that. Willie told me he felt responsible. Every one of us needed to make it our fault. Your mother blamed herself.
Buddy: She wasn't even there. [pause] It really was... because of me.
Doug: That's too easy, Buddy. If you can blame yourself, it makes it understandable. The hardest thing to accept is that it was an accident. A terrible, heart-breaking, foolish accident. And that no-one was to blame for it.