Jury Duty - part I

Kate gets picked to be on a jury in a murder case; Buddy meets T.J. and trains for a skateboarding competition. Fred Stuthman: judge.

Story by Linda Weintraub; teleplay by George Lefferts; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Glenn Jordan. Kenneth Mars: Bob Fingerman. Hilda Haynes: Emma Lassere. Michael McGreevey: Sam Wilkes. Mitzi Hoag: Clara Briault. Willie Aames: T.J. Latimer. Sidney Lassick: Benson Margotte. Eloy Phil Casados: Rudy Cortes. Martin Eric: Nate Molin. Genie Ann Francis: Alice Dennison. Laurence Haddon: Marc Hanes. Jerry Hardin: jury foreman. Fred Stuthman: judge. Ken Sylk: Bennett Davis. Gary Pagett: Herman Duluth. Michelle Riskas: Bettina Klein. Ray Hemphill: court clerk. Paul LeClair: policeman.

[Willie is taking out the garbage; Buddy rides up to him on her skateboard]
Buddy: Pretty good, huh?
Willie: Oh, it's excellent. I'd thought you'd given that up for boy-watching.
Buddy: Well, I've decided to combine the two. You see, Hacker's Sporting Goods store is sponsoring a contest. And in the girls' event, the first prize is a hundred dollars!
Willie: Well, that should just about cover the cost of a body cast.
T.J.: "Buddy"'s kind of a funny name for a girl.
Buddy: My real name's even funnier. I can't even say it, it's too embarrassing.
T.J.: Yeah. I never tell anyone my real name, either.
Buddy: What is it?
T.J.: Thaddeus Joseph.
Buddy: How come you told?
T.J.: You just looked like someone that could be trusted.
Buddy: Thaddeus Joseph, huh? Not bad. In fact, it has possibilities. "Dr. Thaddeus Joseph Latimer." "Senator Thaddeus Joseph Latimer." Or... "Thaddeus Joseph Latimer and His All-Girl Orchestra."
T.J.: Heh. You know, you're the only funny girl I ever met.
Buddy: Thanks a bunch.
T.J.: No, no! It... makes you interesting.
Defense attorney: Mr. Molin, have you ever been in the barrio?
Witness: Barrio? I don't know, I guess so, uh, maybe. If you tell me what it means, maybe I could answer you better.