Jury Duty - part II

Kate is subjected to widespread abuse for being the lone holdout; Buddy captures first prize, T.J.'s heart, and (for good measure) the real killer.

Story by Linda Weintraub; teleplay by George Lefferts; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Glenn Jordan. Kenneth Mars: Bob Fingerman. Hilda Haynes: Emma Lassere. Michael McGreevey: Sam Wilkes. Mitzi Hoag: Clara Briault. Willie Aames: T.J. Latimer. Sidney Lassick: Benson Margotte. Eloy Phil Casados: Rudy Cortes. Genie Ann Francis: Alice Dennison. Laurence Haddon: Marc Hanes. Jerry Hardin: jury foreman. Priscilla Morrill: Elaine Hogan. Fred Stuthman: judge. Ken Sylk: Bennett Davis. Hugh Gillin: Conrad Hacker. Keith Atkinson: Vic Mitchell. Michelle Riskas: Bettina Klein. Ray Hemphill: court clerk.

Kate: Willie, don't you have something to do downstairs?
Willie: Oh. Yes. I guess I was just trying to think up a good exit line.
Kate: Nothing beats "Goodbye."
Willie: That's not bad.
Buddy: I'm skipping the whole thing.
T.J.: You're crazy!
Buddy: I can't do it. Everybody looks at me funny, these days. All they talk about is my mom, and everything else.
T.J.: Buddy Lawrence, if you don't skate in that contest tomorrow, I'm dumping you.
Buddy: For Alice Dennison.
T.J.: If that's what it takes to get you there, I'll sacrifice myself.
Buddy: I'm sorry. It's not your fault you're different. I guess I really don't mind it. I mean, I do, but I'm gonna try not to. I mean, at least you're not boring! You're difficult, but most mothers are boring. Not being boring makes up for a lot, to me.
Kate: Thank you. That may be the nicest thing anybody ever said to me.
Buddy: I vote "Not Guilty" in the case of Kate Lawrence.
Buddy: T.J. here yet?
Kate: Not yet.
Buddy: What time is it?
Kate: 7:15.
Buddy: He's late.
Kate: Oh, Buddy, he said he'd be here at 7:30.
Buddy: That's right. He's late! He's not coming, I know it.
Kate: You wanna bet? The hundred you won in the contest?
Buddy: Sure.
Kate: A pleasure doing business with you, Miss Lawrence. Let's go downstairs.
Buddy: I'll wait up here.
[doorbell rings]
Kate: That'll be a hundred dollars. I'd like it in big bills, please.
Buddy: Hey, wait a minute. That could be anybody at the door.
Kate: You wanna bet?
Buddy: Not a chance. Besides... we didn't shake on it. Bet's not legal if you don't shake.
Kate: Now she tells me!