The Cradle Will Fall

Buddy completes her orthodontal treatment; Salina returns to town once again, only to be plunged into a custody battle with her daughter's father; Kate finds out that Elaine's husband is cheating on her.

Story by Lawrence M. Konner; teleplay by Emily Shoemaker and Lawrence M. Konner; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Season Hubley: Salina Magee. Nicholas Hammond: John Crosswell. Priscilla Morrill: Elaine Hogan. Stacy Keach, Sr.: Ross Wheeler. Lane Binkley: Lila Crosswell. William Putch: Fred Hogan. Jo Morrow: Barbara Clark. Kerry Mahan: gas station attendant. Laura Jaimie Ashborn: Jenny. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland.

Willie: Salina Magee is in Pasadena. For good! She called me at work.
Buddy: I guess you won't be home for dinner.
Willie: Is that all you have to say about it?
Buddy: I guess you won't be home for breakfast, either, huh?

[Nancy and Kate walk out of a store]
Nancy: Okay, one more stop and then I'll buy you a special lunch.
Kate: If you buy one more thing, you won't be able to afford lunch.
Nancy: No, I haven't splurged in ages, and Timmy needs every single thing I bought him.
Kate: Of course he does, darling. What California child could possibly manage without a blue raincoat and matching boots?

Nancy (looking through jewelry-store window): Isn't that Fred Hogan?
Kate: Oh yes, it is. I wonder if Elaine's around, maybe they'd join us for lunch.
Nancy: Hey, look at that... Look what he's getting -- I don't think that's for Elaine.
Kate: It's a pendant, isn't it?
Nancy: Yeah, but it's not the kind you wear around your neck. These are very big now -- you sorta wear them around your hips, and the heart kind of... rests... there.
Kate: You're right, it's not for Elaine.