Skeleton In the Closet

When Doug's sister Emily comes to visit, he has trouble facing the fact that she's an alcoholic; Buddy tries to help an old lady she sees shoplifting at a supermarket.

Written by Leonora Thuna; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by John Erman. Penny Fuller: Emily Wyeth. John Beal: James Lawrence. Peter Mark Richman: Charles Wyeth. Queenie Smith: Mrs. Fleming. Tom Fuccello: waiter. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland.

Buddy (to Willie): There's plenty to eat, if you like slugs.
Kate: Not slugs, Buddy. Snails.
Buddy: What's the difference?
Kate: In the garden, they're slugs; on the table, they're snails.
Willie: I love snails!
Buddy: You are what you eat.
Charles: And I wanna tell you, Willie... There is nothing -- nothing! -- like the thrill of your first solo flight.
Willie: I don't even like to drive very much.