Return Engagement

Doug hears from a woman he once had an affair with; Willie and Buddy go on a biking trip.

Written by Anne Howard Bailey; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Pat Crowley: Maggie Calder. Sandy Spillman: magician.

Buddy: Mom, I've gotta talk to you. Please listen, I'm gonna be late for school.
Kate: So am I. I have to get this finished this morning. It's for my music composition class, I want it to at least look perfect.
Buddy: It'll only take a minute.
Kate: Buddy, if it's about going to Oxnard for the school game, again -- the answer is still no.
Buddy: Mom, T.J.'s aunt lives there. Right after the game we'll go straight to her house, spend the night, and come back here first thing in the morning.
Kate: No, Buddy.
Buddy: I promise you won't read about me in the morning papers.
Kate: Never occurred to me that I would.
Buddy: It's an honor to be asked! T.J.'s a star!
Kate: 14 is too young to go out of town, overnight, with a boy. Even if he is a star. Even if his aunt is there. In fact, it's too young even if his aunt is the local sheriff.
Kate: ... I'm not feeling too friendly towards you, tonight.
Doug: I noticed that. And, frankly, I don't like what you're doing.
Kate: What is that, exactly?
Doug: You are dragging out something that happened years ago and wearing it like a dog with a bone. Shouldn't make any difference, now.
Kate: It didn't... Till today.
Doug: Maggie Calder. We had a drink, then I came home, and I told you about it.
Kate: Why did you wanna see her at all?
Doug: I'm a normal human being. I was curious!
Kate: Is she the same?
Doug: Yes, in fact, she is.
Kate: I'm so happy for her.
Doug: Kate! That's beneath you.
Kate: Really? Maggie Calder nearly wrecked our lives together. I don't like the way I'm thinking, or feeling, or acting. But I think it's unreasonable of you to suggest that I make my mind a blank. Maybe the best thing would be if you just left me alone and let me think this thing through.
Doug: Fine. But do me a favor: make an effort to put it into perspective.
Kate: All right. And I hope I have better luck than I'm having right now.
Maggie: Well, what a fantastic meal! That chicken was extraordinary.
Kate: Veal.
Maggie: Oh... sorry. I'd starve to death if it wasn't for room service. One of the tragedies of my business -- one never gets time to master the household arts.
Buddy: I don't think that's such a tragedy. Being a housewife isn't very exciting.
Kate: Really? Where do you get your information?
Doug: Why don't we all have coffee in the living room?