A Special Kind Of Loving

Willie meets, and starts spending lots of time with, Salina -- leading to a tiff with Buddy, right when she needs him to help conquer her fear of diving. Howard Hesseman: Salina's health-food cafe boss.

Produced by Nigel McKeand and Carol Evan McKeand; written by Fred Segal; directed by Randal Kleiser. Season Hubley: Salina Magee. Howard Hesseman: store manager. Baillie Gerstein: Mary. Helen Page Camp: Miss Pingree. Hilda Haynes: social worker. Tracie Savage: girl swimmer.

Willie: ... You're such a terrific cook, mom.
Kate: Coming from someone who can only distinguish between hot, cold, and greasy, I'm not sure that's a compliment.
Willie: Are you pregnant? ... Come on, answer me. I've got a right to know.
Salina: Right? What right do you have to know anything?
Willie: OK, cross that out. I have no right to know, we have no relationship, and there's absolutely nothing between us. (heads towards door)
Salina: Willie... It's true. I am pregnant.
Willie: Whose baby is it?
Salina: It's mine!