Someone's Watching

A series of anonymous gifts eventually makes Nancy feel threatened; Buddy's motor-mouth school-project partner uses the Lawrences as his surrogate family.

Written by David Jacobs; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Alfred Lutter: Alvin Tanner. Anne Schedeen: Susie. George D. Wallace: detective Steinmetz. Anthony de Longis: Tony. Newell Alexander: instructor. Kerry Mahan: student. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland.

Buddy: It's not funny!
Willie: I think it is.
Doug: Well, would you like an impartial opinion?
Willie: OK. Buddy's partner in a school project is named Alvin Tanner.
Kate: So far it's not funny; there must be more.
Buddy: We had to sign up for projects for the medieval fair. I signed up for the leather tanners' guild because I wanted to learn how to do leatherwork.
Willie: ... And Alvin Tanner signed up for it because he liked the idea of being Tanner the tanner.
Doug: Ha, ha, ha, it's funny. [Buddy glares at him] It's not hilarious. Mildly funny.
Kate: That looks like your old sweater.
Nancy: It's exactly like my sweater. But it's two sizes bigger. What's he doing? Is he -- is he trying to admonish me to be more modest? Is he judging me now?
Kate: Oh, Nancy.
Nancy: If he's judging me... What's he gonna do if he finds me guilty?