Best Friends

Nancy attends her high-school reunion, meeting the guy she dumped to marry Jeff; T.J. asks Buddy to a formal dance, causing a rift with Audrey.

Written by Diana Gould; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Robert Hartford-Davis. Peter Coffield: Brian Slater. Joseph Stern: Mel Bennet. Pamela Dunlap: Gloria. Willie Aames: T.J. Latimer. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Alba Francesca: Debbie. Patricia Anne Joyce: Marcie. Wayne Duncan: Ted. Peter Jurasik: Marty. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland.

Buddy: "Dear Fonz: Although I'm only 14..."
Audrey: Oh... 15 or 16. Or 16. Say I'm 16.
Buddy: But you're not. I thought you wanted to express your truest, deepest feelings to him.
Audrey: Well, I do... But it sounds better if I'm 16.
Buddy: OK. Let's just get it down, and then we can change it. "Dear Fonzie: Although I'm only 16, my feelings for you are that of a woman beyond her years." What else should I say?
Audrey: Oh... Something about how... well, y'know? Maybe if we could meet, he could see that I'm really the one for him. But say it better than that.
Buddy: I'm not sure why I'm writing this for you.
Audrey: Cause you write better than me! Besides, I advise you on your relationship with Donnie Osmond, don't I?
Buddy: You know, Willie, this world is full of injustice!
Willie: So I've heard.
Buddy: Why is it that a girl can't go to a dance unless a boy asks her? I mean, T.J. and Audrey and I are all sophomores, and it's the sophomore dance -- so why can't we all go together? Audrey has to sit at home and wait for some dumb boy to ask her to go to the dance.
Willie: That's just the way it is, Peaches.
Buddy: Well, it doesn't have to be.
Willie: So it's down with the dating system, huh?
Buddy: It stinks. It can undermine friendships...
Willie: No, Buddy. Growing up is what undermines friendships.
Buddy: Well, I don't like it. I've known Audrey a lot longer than T.J., and I like her better... I think.
Willie: It ain't easy, kiddo.
Kate: I think you're both about to make a big personal sacrifice to support your friends' worst impulses -- and I think that's useless; no-one will benefit. After you told T.J. that you weren't going to the dance, how did you feel about Audrey?
Buddy: That she was a pain in the neck.
Kate: There you are. What's the use of martyring yourself for someone who doesn't want you to have a good time, because they don't think they're gonna have one?
Buddy: I see what you mean.
Kate: And Nancy... You're thinking of giving up everything you've worked so hard for, to nurse Brian through troubles that he has to handle himself. The doctor doesn't need a lawyer, he needs a doctor.
Nancy: It's easier for me to see it in Buddy's case.