A Safe House

A former friend of Willie's, now an outlaw, gives him a call; Buddy thinks she has a great scoop for the school paper.

Written by Vicki Zlotnick and Marshall Herskovitz; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Ted Wass: Sam Trask. Michael LeClair: Charlie Roberts. Tracie Savage: Wendy Spears. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Alan McRae: doctor. Don Keefer: Al Trask. Grace Albertson: nurse.

Charlie [editor]: You didn't get anything from Wendy Spears?
Buddy: I couldn't.
Charlie: Buddy, you have to get a statement from her.
Buddy: We'll miss tomorrow's paper.
Charlie: Then we'll print it next week.
Buddy: It won't be news anymore, it'll be old!
Charlie: Buddy, this story has to do with the president of the class. I mean, part of the story is what Wendy says about the allegation.
Buddy: How can you ask a person questions like that? "Is it true that you weren't cheating? How come it got covered up?"
Charlie: Look, if you're a reporter, you ask. That's what they asked the other president.
Buddy: Who -- Michael Hollybird?
Charlie: Richard Nixon.
Doug: Willie, you have got to realize that by doing this, you have deliberately broken the law.
Willie: Well, I didn't think about the law. And in case you're not sure, I think what Sam did stinks. But he came to me for help, and I felt I had to give it to him. Out of friendship.
Doug: Friendship? Sam indirectly involved you in a kidnapping! He put you in danger and then dropped you, and you call that friendship? You call coming back here, involving you again, involving us, friendship?
Willie: I wasn't talking about the kind of friend Sam is, but what kind I am.