Fear Of Shadows

Kate has a recurring nightmare about running over a little boy; Buddy gets a pet raccoon.

Written by Paul Huson; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Georg Stanford Brown. Olivia Cole: Frances Rossmore. Alice Hirson: Ruth Green. Sherry Hursey: Sherry Wilson. Sam Weisman: Dr. Kelly. Lew Horn: Sam. John Blackwell: Bill.

Kate: Buddy, stop fooling around with that. You'll be late for school.
Buddy: Mom, I told you -- it's Pupil-Free Day. Teachers' conferences.
Doug: Pupil-Free Day?
Buddy: Yeah.
Doug: It'll be a study-free school, next.
Kate: What're you gonna call him?
Willie: How about "Letitius"?
Kate: "Raffles"?
Buddy: I think I'll call him Max.
Kate: Why?
Buddy: Because he looks like a Max.
Kate: Oh, of course. Silly of me.