Acts Of Love - part I

While Nancy and Buddy prepare for their parents' 25th wedding-anniversary party, Willie meets, and falls in love with, a physics student named Lizzy -- who, as he soon finds out, has radiation sickness.

Written by David Jacobs; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by E. W. Swackhamer. Brooke Adams: Lizzy. Gretchen Corbett: Ellen. Christopher Woods: Steve. Dan Millington: Eric.

Nancy: Hey, you doing anything this afternoon?
Willie: I'm working.
Nancy: Oh. At home, or a real job?
Willie: I wonder if Neil Simon's sister asks him that. "You fooling around again today, Neil, writing another Odd Couple -- or are you going to a real job, like at the car wash?"
[A rocket is fired]
Willie: That was beautiful!
Lizzie: Isn't it?
Willie: Aren't you gonna send up the other one?
Lizzie: I wasn't going to.
Willie: Why did you bring two?
Lizzie: In case that one fizzled out. I hate it when they fizzle out.

Lizzie (into the phone): Listen, I can't chat right now.
Willie: Well, I don't wanna chat, I just wanna see you again.
Lizzie: I can't. I forgot, I have plans tonight.
Willie: How about tomorrow night, then?
Lizzie: I have plans tomorrow night, too.
Willie: When?
Lizzie: I don't know. I'm sorry, goodbye. [hangs up, sees Ellen walking in]
Ellen: Morning.
Lizzie: Morning.
Ellen: I heard you come home at the crack of dawn.
Lizzie: Wasn't that late.
Ellen: Whatever you say. [pause] Well, tell.
Lizzie: I met a guy at the movies. We went out to the beach.
Ellen: Who was he, and who were you?
Lizzie: Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan, I think.
Ellen: Oh yeah?
Lizzie: I dunno.
Ellen: Was that him?
Lizzie: Nope.
Ellen: You seeing him tonight?
Lizzie: Nope.
Ellen: Steve's cousin is in town. You wanna make it a foursome?
Lizzie: OK.
Ellen: "OK"? Not, "What's he like?" Well, I'll tell you: he's cute as a button. And... just about that interesting.
Lizzie: Well, I'm not doing anything.
Ellen: Suppose your movie pal calls?
Lizzie: He won't.
Nancy: Oh -- you two, don't make any plans for your anniversary.
Doug: Anniversary? It's three months off.
Nancy: Oh, this year we're gonna do something very special for your 25th.
Kate: Sweet thought, Nancy, even if it is our 27th.
Nancy: Well, Grandma died just before your 25th, and your anniversary kinda got lost -- and you were in New York, last year -- so we owe you a 25th. And a 25th you're gonna have.
Kate: It always seemed to me that a wedding anniversary is a private celebration. After all, you kids weren't even around.
Nancy: Well, I wasn't around in 1492, either, but I still celebrate Columbus Day.
Buddy (looking at pic #5, above): Now that's cute!