Annie Laurie

Doug gets propositioned by a female lawyer (Linda Lavin).

Written by Carol Evan McKeand and David Jacobs; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Alf Kjellin. Linda Lavin: Annie Laurie. Mari Gorman: secretary. Louise Foley: Audrey.

Buddy: I still don't understand what Dad's case is all about.
Nancy: Oh, well, that's simple. Dad represents a certain electronics corporation, which owns a certain patent. And another corporation, a much larger one, is suing Dad's client be-- [notices that Buddy has wandered off towards the oven] I thought you wanted to hear about the case?
Buddy: I did -- until you started. English muffins are more interesting than that.
Doug: You were formidable.
Annie Laurie: Speak the truth, Counselor. Not formidable -- mean.
Doug: A little mean.
[knock on the door]
Doug: Yes?
Ditzy temp secretary: It's 6 o'clock, Mr. Douglas, I'm leaving.
Doug: Uh, Lawrence.
Secretary: Oh, Lawrence, oh, I'm so sorry. Uh, Miss Peach will be back tomorrow, so... I won't be. Well, good night.
Doug: G'night.
Secretary: It certainly is nice in here.
Doug: Well, you -- you, uh, you certainly filled in wonderfully. I mean, you really held the fort.
Secretary: Did I?
Doug: You were a life-saver.
Secretary: Oh, thank you... [blushes] Well, good night.
Doug: G'night.
[secretary barely manages to get out the door without banging into it]
A.L.: You're not, though.
Doug: What?
A.L.: Mean. Not a mean bone in your body, Mr. Douglas. [Doug laughs] In fact, you're the kindest man I've ever met. You're funny, too -- that's very important, you know. And you're very attractive.
Doug: Flattery will get you everywhere.
A.L.: I hope so.
Doug: Wait a minute. This conversation --
A.L.: It's not a conversation. This is a proposition.
Doug: Annie! I'm a middle-aged man. I mean, we're very susceptible.
A.L.: Good.

Willie: I'm sorry, Buddy, I just can't help you.
Buddy: What do you mean? You've been doing my homework for years! This is no time to build up a conscience.
Willie: It's not that... I just don't get it -- I mean, you've got null sets, you've got universal sets... Sounds more like a tennis match than math.
Doug: Good evening, Kate. Now, what are you doing?
Kate: Stealing the silver -- you caught me. Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.
Doug: I told you this morning I was gonna take you out to dinner.
Kate: So you did. When I didn't hear from you all day, I figured it was off.
Doug: Sorry, I forgot to call. I didn't have 5 minutes.
Kate: Of course, playing hockey can really keep a person on the move.
Doug: Playing hockey?
Kate: I stopped at your office. Your temporary secretary told me you were playing hockey. I presume she meant "hooky."
Doug: That isn't like you, Kate.
Kate: That's what I thought about you, and lying.