Little Brother

Willie fails to understand a black thing; Buddy develops an interest in genealogy.

Written by Gregory S. Dinallo; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Harvey S. Laidman. Dorian Harewood: Gil. Kirk Calloway: Emmet. John Hawker: man.

Emmet: Hey, this place is big! You live in all of it?
Willie: All of it.
Emmet: Hey Willie -- I just figured something out: you're a rich kid.
Willie: No, no no no. Not rich. Comfortable.
Emmet: Willie, there's rich, and there's poor. And comfortable don't match up with poor.
Willie: Don't you wanna stay here? Together, you and me?
Emmet: Man, that may be the dumbest question anybody asked me in my whole life. Yeah, I wanna stay here. And you know something? I wanna stay here for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with what you think.
Willie: I don't think anything.
Emmet: Sure you do. You think I got a better shot at things with you. Maybe get to college, be a mover of men.
Willie: OK, I do think that.
Emmet: That's not what really makes me want it. I mean, I feel I can do all this stuff wherever I am. The part of the deal that got to me -- it was a chance to rest.
Willie: Rest?
Emmet: Yeah, rest. See, Willie, I'm tired. I'm tired all the way down into my bones. I'm tired of never having a chance to just lay up. Of having to stay on top of everything, just to get through a day. Man, I'm tired. I'm tired of everything. It's just too hard.
Willie: Yeah, but that's just it -- if it's the two of us, it's, it's easier.
Emmet: Not a chance. And you know why? Because you're tired, too. It wasn't gonna to be easy for me to be anybody's little brother -- I mean, not even yours. But having to be somebody's big brother... I'm not up to that.
Buddy: A little applause, please. I just got an A on my family tree -- and the only one in the class.
Kate: Hey! Terrific!
Buddy: But no thanks to you. Because if it was up to you, there'd be nothing special about it at all.
Doug: Special?
Buddy: Yeah. Nobody else in the class has anything like a madam in their family.
Doug (looking pained): Who told you? Uncle Jerry?
Buddy: No. Uncle Jerry said she was your aunt, twice removed. Emmet said she was a madam.
Doug: Emmet?
Buddy: First he thought, no, she was probably just a hoo--
Doug: Never mind!