Childhood's End

Buddy's friend Laura returns for a visit, and -- guess what? -- she, too, is now an alkie; a friend of Doug's, a divorced father (Philip Sterling), is apprehensive about seeing his kids again.

Written by Luciano Comici; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Alf Kjellin. Carol Jones: Laura Richardson. Philip Sterling: Victor Harris. James Canning: mechanic. Tracie Savage: Sandy. Brett Ericson: Larry.

Laura: Buddy? Buddy, don't be angry.
Buddy: I am angry. And you should be sorry. And what is this stuff about vodka for your hair? I chased after you, and you wouldn't stop.
Laura: I... I was so ashamed... Buddy, it's been so awful...
Buddy: What's been awful? What? I don't understand.
Laura: When we moved to Chicago, I met a bunch of kids, and there were lots of parties, and... Buddy, they all drank! I couldn't believe it! I hated it, but... I wanted to fit in. You understand.
Buddy: I'm sure some of the kids didn't. You're only 15.
Laura: You... you're acting as though... I'm a drunk! I'm not like that at all. Oh, I take a drink sometimes, but it's, see, I don't have to drink.
Buddy: No, but you do carry one around just in case.
Laura: I brought that along from Chicago, one of the kids gave it to me. I... I... I brought it along... so I could get rid of it!
Buddy: I don't believe you.
[Continuity note: in "Monday Is Forever," Laura was moving to Detroit, not Chicago.]
Laura: Oh, Buddy... What am I gonna do?
Buddy: What do you wanna do?
Laura: I... just... wanna feel like someone. I wanna feel... like Laura Richardson. Only I don't.... [starts sobbing] I don't know... who that is.
Buddy: I do. Laura Richardson is a friend of mine. I've known her since I was a little kid. She's terrific. Anything you wanna know about her, I can tell you. You'll like her, once you get to know her.