More Than Friends

Nancy hits it off with Willie's former writing teacher, but things get awkward when he pans Willie's script.

Written by Randa Haines and Leah Appet; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Stuart Millar. David Selby: Michael. Mari Gorman: secretary. Philip Levien: student. Darlene Craviotto: student.

Buddy: Mr. Kagan, why is Willie letting you sit down here with us? I thought he'd have you locked up in his closet until you read his script.
Willie: Buddy!
Michael: Buddy, you're a smart girl. If you had something of yours you wanted me to read, and you weren't quite sure about it, wouldn't you try to soften me up first? Maybe with a good meal.
Buddy: Yeah, you're right.
Michael: Maybe Willie remembers the play he wrote for my class. I was quite rude about it.
Willie: Yeah, replace quite with very rude.
Kate: Well, surely a criticism made a couple of years ago doesn't apply?
Michael: I doubt it too, but two years could turn very rude into terribly rude, who knows.
Student: Professor? Excuse me, um... I'm in your class. I wanted to tell you after the lecture this morning, but you left so quickly... I think you're the best teacher I've ever had. I think your class is sensational.
Michael: Thank you! I hope it shows up in your work.
Student: Hah, me too. Well, bye.
Michael: Bye.
Nancy: Now that is what I call a meteoric rise to stardom. What is it, three weeks on the faculty -- and already it's Michael Kagan for President!
Michael: She's after my body. How about you?
Nancy: Give me three weeks, I'll let you know.
[Kate walks into the kitchen as Willie is eating a sandwich]
Kate: Ah, that's what you were doing the last time I saw you.
Willie: It's my third one.
Kate: You can't be eating for two, so... what is it?
Willie: I think it's called anxiety.
Kate: You haven't heard from Michael...
Willie: No. I called, but there was no answer.
Kate: Maybe he has classes. Why don't you try again? You're too young to lose your waistline.
[Nancy comes up to Willie and gives him a big kiss]
Willie (laughing): What's the occasion?
Nancy: It's the best I could come up with on the spur of the moment. Your Rolls Royce will be delivered later.
Willie: Nancy!
Nancy: I... I just wanna say thanks.
Willie: You're very welcome... But for what?
Nancy: Michael Kagan. We spent a lot of time together yesterday. In fact, I was on my way from his apartment when I passed you... He's terrific, Willie. We had a good time together! He really seems to like me, and he likes children...
Willie: Well, well, that's great... That's just great... It's just a little ironic. I thought I'd be the one to live happily ever after because of Michael. I guess you haven't talked to him since yesterday.
Nancy: No, I did -- I talked to him a few minutes ago.
Willie: Well, then you must've heard the news. Willie Lawrence, rookie writer, has struck out.
Nancy: Uh, he didn't mention that... Well, I'm sure you expected some criticism.
Willie: Sure I did. I expected a lot. Just not the kind that I got. He said to me, "Willie, I'm sure what was in your head when you were writing seemed glorious, but it's what ends up on paper that counts, and what you've given me to read just misses."
Nancy: Well, if your script needs work, I'm sure Michael will be glad to work on it with you... Give yourself a break!
Willie: I think I've been giving myself too many for too long.