A Right and Proper Goodbye

Kate's mother (Mildred Natwick) comes for one last visit.

Written and produced by Nigel McKeand and Carol Evan McKeand; directed by Randal Kleiser. Mildred Natwick: Hattie. John Zaremba: Dr. Milfred Anderson. Paul Bryar: Ralph. Tommy Lee: Sing Hop.

Willie: How was the flight?
Hattie [Kate's mother]: Bumpy. The way I like it.
Kate: What are we gonna do, Doug?
Doug: Whatever has to be done.
Kate: What? She can't live alone anymore.
Doug: Well, first of all, I think we should call Dr. Hackett in Oregon and ask him if she'd be all right on the farm with a live-in housekeeper.
Kate: Hattie can't afford that... Neither can we. We may have to have her here with us.
Doug: Can we afford that?
Kate: What do you mean?
Doug: In many ways, you and your mother are exactly alike -- you're both opinionated, determined to be the one who's right... My god, we'd probably starve to death around here before you agreed about which cereal to buy.
Buddy: Mom, I'm not trying to be fresh, but... Seems to me, if you make a person like Hattie change what she's used to -- she'll get sicker, not better.
Kate: Buddy, what Hattie's used to and what's best for her are two quite different things, now.
Buddy: Hattie knows exactly what she wants to do. That night she got here... I went in the bathroom, and she was all doubled up -- so I helped her sit down, and gave her a pill and some water.
Kate: Why didn't you tell me?
Buddy: She asked me not to.
Kate: You had no right to keep that a secret! Anything could've happened.
Buddy: Mom, it was her own private business.
Kate: Buddy, Hattie is very sick...
Buddy: But not in the head.