Labors Of Love

Buddy, upset by a lack of attention from T.J., tries to make him jealous by hanging out with a geek; Willie catches the eye of his cute über-boss.

Written by Tim Maschler; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Harvey S. Laidman. Samantha Eggar: Norah McKay. Allan Arbus: Roy Brady. Willie Aames: T.J. Latimer. Eric Olson: Ernie. Jay Gerber: Murray Taylor.

Doug: Running a little late, huh?
Willie: Don't worry, Dad. If I eat fast and drive recklessly, I'll only be 15 minutes late, and I don't think that's gonna put Nora McKay Advertising, Incorporated, out of business.
Doug: Uh... It might put Willie Lawrence out of business.
Willie: No such luck.
Kate: You and T.J. still on the outs?
Buddy: Yeah... But I'm getting to him. He saw me with Ernie twice today, and it's killing him!
Kate: Who's Ernie?
Buddy: Just some other guy... But T.J. doesn't know that, see.
Kate: Does Ernie?
Buddy: All Ernie wants is someone to listen to him while he talks about the poetry of anthropology.
Kate: He wants someone to listen to him, or he wants you in particular to listen to him?
Buddy: I dunno... Probably me.
Kate: I think you should be careful, Buddy. Sounds to me like somebody's liable to get hurt.
Buddy: I won't get hurt, I know what I'm doing!
Willie: Norah... Why did you give me this job?
Norah: Why do you think?
Willie: Because you thought I had something to offer the agency.
Norah: I am the agency.