Nancy plays hot-line operator when her classmate attempts suicide, to get back at her married boyfriend for breaking up her; Buddy baby-sits a whiny kid (absurdly, Quinn Cummings).

Written by Hindi Brooks; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Jennifer Salt: Susie Robinson. Ken Kercheval: Mark Adams. Vincent Baggetta: Dave Robinson. Quinn Cummings: Marcy Willis. Ruth Manning: apartment manager. Lisa Blake Richards: Joan Robinson. James Jeter: man. Ray Guth: Mr. Lewis.

[Phone rings in apartment building's office. Woman picks up]
Woman: Sunset Villa.
Nancy: Uh, hi, yes, I'm calling about one of your tenants, Susie Robinson. I was wondering if --
Woman: We don't take messages, here.
Nancy: Oh, no, I know, but this is important.
Woman: She went.
Nancy: She went?
Woman: With a suitcase. You a friend of hers?
Nancy: Yes.
Woman: OK. You find her. Tell her she better watch out, or she'll be evicted.
Nancy: Evicted? Why?
Woman: Why? I'll tell you why. Screaming and shouting is why. And the language... I never heard a woman use that kind of language. Not a lot of men, either.
Nancy: Uh -- was there someone there with her?
Woman: Well, not that I've seen. Sounded like she was talking on the phone. Somebody ought to tell her that throwing things at people doesn't work when you're on the phone.

Nancy: ... Are you listening, Susie? Susie! Not on your birthday, you dummy, it's too melodramatic!
Doug: Well... How was your weekend?
Buddy: OK.
Doug: Oh! Just OK?
Nancy: It was a weekend much like any other.
Kate: Well, something must've been different, with us gone.
Willie: OK... Buddy was tailed by a kid who tried to assume her identity. A girl in Nancy's class went off and tried to kill herself. While Nancy kept her alive by talking to her on the phone, I drove a coupla hundred miles trying to find her, finally arriving to save her -- and the day -- in the very nick of time.
Kate: Listen, you. I know it's not easy for parents to grasp that their children get along by themselves, and it must seem silly, my hoping in some way we might be missed -- but I can do without the sarcasm.
Doug: Yeah, so can I.
[Kate and Doug head upstairs]
Willie: I must've put it in the wrong way.
Nancy: I guess your version was a little... pithy.
Willie: How should I have said it?
Buddy: Like this: "Mom, Dad, you'll never guess what happened this weekend!"
Willie (running up the stairs, Buddy and Nancy behind him): Mom! Dad!