Kate has to go back and repeat a class she flunked the previous semester, and gets picked on by a snobby professor (William Daniels); Doug contemplates early retirement after his tennis partner has a heart attack.

Written by Carmen Culver; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. William Daniels: Dr. Taylor. Biff McGuire: Steven Bank. Peter Fox: Brian Mulligan. Diane Landers: Miss Warfield. Michael Misita: Mr. Anders.

Buddy: Morning.
Kate: Good morning! You're right on time.
Buddy: I figure it's better being on time at the start of a new semester, establish good intentions, and goof off later.
Kate: An interesting theory, but not exactly my sentiments...
Buddy: Oh, no eggs for me, thank you. I have domestic engineering this morning.
Kate: I'm reluctant to ask what that is, but... what is that?
Buddy: Cooking. They changed its name so it would be less sexist.
Kate: A rose by any other name... So, you have cooking. How does that cancel out breakfast?
Buddy: Oh, we all agreed in the class that it was wrong to waste food, so we eat everything we prepare. Let me tell you, you're better off going in good and hungry.
Prof: Your plan as a music major is to teach music, is that right?
Kate: Yes, I want to, very much.
Prof: I see. How did you come to that choice?
Kate: Well, it was my choice years ago. I've always loved music...
Prof: Yes, well, many people do. But loving music is not necessarily a reason to teach music, as I'm sure you can appreciate.
Kate: Of course.
Prof: The field abounds with amateurs.
Kate: That's why I came back to school.
Prof: It's a problem.
Kate: What is?
Prof: People -- usually, these days, women -- who imagine that music would make a nice hobby.
Kate: I've never looked on it as a hobby.
Prof: So they come here -- they seem to feel they have a right to be here -- and, after all, this is the age of liberation, equality, and for one to say no to them is no longer permissible.
Kate: Dr. Taylor...
Prof: So they fill up your class, and they take up your time... And then they decide that it's all really rather a bore, so they meander off and enroll in anthropology, English literature, art appreciation, some such thing. Then finally, they decide it's really just too hard. So they saunter off home again, to their husbands and children.
Kate: I'm sure there are some people like that.
Doug: Just before Stephen Bank collapsed yesterday, we were talking about epitaphs. "Douglas Lawrence: he gave the world bigger and better tax shelters." Not exactly what I'd planned.
Kate: Would you prefer, "Douglas Lawrence: he searched the unchangeable Universe"?
Doug: Ah, that has a nice ring to it.
Kate: Well, the Universe would make a wonderful mistress. Always beautiful. Always available.
[Continuity note: in "Jury Duty," Doug was a defense attorney; in "Echoes of Love," a divorce lawyer; now, a tax lawyer. Hmmm.]