Sleeping Gypsy

Everyone at school dislikes Buddy's bohemian friend (Dinah Manoff, in an Empty Nest rehearsal); Kate gives Doug a plaid jacket he doesn't much care for.

Written by Richard Kramer; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Stuart Millar. Dinah Manoff: Mara. Jenny O'Hara: Miss Montebello. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Heather Totten: Pam. Laurie Jefferson: teacher.

Buddy: Why do you make everything so hard, Mara?
Mara: It's the only way I know.
Kate: I'm glad you're here, Mara.
Mara: I am, too.
Kate: I got a card from your parents.
Mara: Really? Me too.
Kate: If you'd like to call them...
Mara: No! I mean, not unless you insist. Look, they'd only do a big number and come rushing back. Let them enjoy their vacation, and I'll enjoy mine.
Kate: All right -- for tonight, we'll leave it at that.
Mara: And now, get ready, get set -- a Mara Ireland cheese soufflé... [drums her hands on the counter] coming up.
Kate: Ho ho. I remember the first time you ever made one of those. You were nine. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Mara: My aunt Rita taught me. Do you remember her?
Kate: Yes, I do, very well. I haven't seen her for a long time.
Mara: Oh, neither have I -- she lives in New York. We write, though. You know, until I learned to read, I thought her name was "RitatheGypsy" -- all one word.
Kate: I remember your mother called her that.
Mara: Well, my mother meant it as a putdown. But I loved it, and so did Rita. So she gave me a secret name: Mara the Sleeping Gypsy. Where's the grater?
Kate: It's under the counter.
Mara: Oh.
Kate: Why the sleeping gypsy?
Mara: Well, she said I had a gypsy inside me, asleep, and that the day I realized it was there, I'd be on my way.
Kate: To where?
Mara: She said that was between me and the gypsy.
Kate: It's not that Buddy stopped loving you, you know. It's just that you threatened her.
Mara: Threatened her?
Kate: She's still scrambling around, trying to figure out who she's gonna be, when she grows up.
Mara: Well, who isn't?
Kate: You aren't.
Mara: Hah. Wrong.
Kate: If I were wrong, I don't think any of this would've happened. You would've painted the Hawaiian luau, as instructed. And everybody would've forgiven you your old trespasses.
Mara: And I'd be in with the in crowd! That's what I wanted. I tried to do what they wanted me to do. I -- I sketched out a beach, and a moon, and a hula girl. It filled me with ennui. [sighs] So the hula girl turned into a lion... the beach turned into a jungle clearing... it just happened.
Kate: You wanted it to be special.
Mara: Well, why can't I leave well enough alone? Everybody else does.
Kate: I remember myself when I was about your age. I was desperate to be just like all the rest of my friends. I shudder to think of it, now. I wore what they wore, ate what they ate, I liked what they liked.
Mara: It must have been the pits for you.
Kate: No, it wasn't. I didn't have a sleeping gypsy to contend with.