Point Of Departure

Doug resents Willie's attitude towards work, the universe, and everything; a string of burglaries sweeps through the neighborhood. Vic Tayback: local cop.

Written by Gordon Glasco; produced by Nigel McKeand and Carol Evan McKeand; directed by John Erman. Gary Barton: Terry. Philip Levien: Alan. Dennis Burkley: Roy Axelrod. Dan Tobin: Stan Mitchell. Jane A. Johnston: Mrs. Wallace. Priscilla Morrill: Elaine Hogan. Henry Brown: policeman. Ann Sweeney: Miss Beach. Vic Tayback: Sgt. Pierce.

Willie: ... Maybe it'd be a good idea if I got out of here for a while.
Buddy: You can't do that. You've got stuff to do around the house, and you've also got your job interview.
Willie: I'm not talking about going out for a walk. I'm talking about going away.
Buddy: Away? Where?
Willie: Up to Oregon. Up to Grandma's farm. Maybe I could finish that script up there. Maybe it'd go better if I were alone, out of everybody's way.
Buddy: You're not in my way.
Willie: I'm talking about Dad.
Buddy: Well, if you get the job, he'll cheer up.
Willie: I'm sure he will... but I won't.

Kate: He's nervous. He's had such rotten luck with interviews. He was awfully disappointed it didn't work out at the newspaper...
Doug: What do you expect? He doesn't have a high-school diploma. How can he imagine the newspaper will take him seriously?
Buddy: He tried the TV station, too.
Doug: Oh, I'm well aware of what Willie has tried, Buddy. I find his aspirations somewhat out of line with his abilities.
Buddy: Well, he really wanted to work on the movie script he's writing...
Doug: I'd really want to retire. But I can't.
Kate: Buddy, don't you think you'd better get a move on?
Buddy: Do I have to? This is much more interesting.

Willie: Could you please talk to Dad for me?
Kate: I think you're gonna have to do that by yourself, Willie -- and like an adult.
Willie: Why? He hasn't exactly been acting like an adult...
Kate: He doesn't have to. He is one.