A Friend Of the Family's

A somewhat unscrupulous former friend of Willie's drops by; Buddy needs driving lessons; Kate and Doug consider taking separate vacations.

Teleplay by Emily Shoemaker and John D. Hess; story by John D. Hess and Gregory S. Dinallo; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Kim Friedman. Joseph Bottoms: Seth Oliver. Alice Ghostley: Mrs. Hanley. Lew Horn: gas station attendant.

Seth: In case you're worried -- Buddy's back, safe and sound.
Willie: So far.
Seth: You never give up, do you?
Willie: Do you?
Seth: Willie... let's bury the hatchet.
Willie: Where?
Kate: Buddy... I think if you'd just let yourself get angry, you'd feel a whole lot better.
Buddy: What does angry have to do with it?
Kate: If anybody treated me like that, I'd be fit to be tied.
Buddy: Well, I'm not you. I'm just some dumb kid who fell for a line that some creep was handing out. Everything's all my fault. The money, everything.
Kate: Oh, the money isn't the important thing, darling. None of what you did or felt was wrong -- just being you. Open, generous, dear...
Buddy: And dumb.
Kate: Why are you covering up your feelings, Buddy? Why are you acting as if it's all your fault?
Buddy: I have to. I have to, because... I believed him. I believed when he said that he liked me, that I was special, cause I felt the same way. And I can't stand to think that... that he was lying to me the whole time. Every single minute of it.