All For Love

Zack tells Buddy that unless she sleeps with him, he will have to satisfy his manly needs with another girl (Lisa Whelchel); Doug thinks of buying a flashy sports car.

Written by Leah Markus; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Kim Friedman. Leif Garrett: Zack. Arthur Rosenberg: car salesman. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Lisa Whelchel: Cathy. Mary Carver: librarian. Steven Anderson: baker's assistant.

Doug (to his car): You ingrate! I feed you, I clean you, I give you a home... All I ask in return is that you start!
Kate: Maybe if you sing to it... [Doug rolls his eyes] If you need a new car, get a new car. At least they work.
Doug (slamming the hood down): It's the glue factory for you.
Nancy: She looks nice. What's her name?
Buddy: Her name is Cathy. Girls who look like that are always named Cathy.
Nancy: She's named Cathy, and...?
Buddy: And she just moved here. From [fake accent, bats eyelashes] Teh-xas. Right across the street from Zack. And he's appointed himself Welcoming Committee.
Nancy: Well, it's tough being the new kid. Maybe he's just...
Buddy: Male.
Nancy: I think you're not ready to take this step.
Buddy: I'm ready.
Nancy: As ready as Zack?
Buddy: If I don't go in there, I'm gonna lose this.
Nancy: There are gonna be so many Cathys in your life! What you're going in there to do is -- you're doing in self-defense! That's -- that's just not the way! You can only do what you're ready for.
Buddy: Well, maybe I am ready.
Nancy: You're confusing "ready" with "nauseous."
Buddy: I'll lose him. I know it. See, I figured, if I tried to become a woman, real fast... I just don't feel those feelings yet! I'm trying! Am I weird?
Nancy: No. You're much more of a woman than you know... You know, for the first time in my life, you make me wanna go back to just turning 16 again... Only, this time, I'd be a little less like me, and a lot more like you.