Nancy is all set to re-marry Jeff; Annie, heretofore known as "Annie Cooper," decides to add "Lawrence" to her name; Buddy, ever the traditionalist, is bothered by it all.

Written by Carol Evan McKeand; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Edward Parone. John Rubinstein: Jeff Maitland. Constance McCashin: Ms. Massey. Jack Fletcher: Mr. Edmund. Stephen Furst: delivery boy. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland. Mary Ann Oedy: Emmy Sheldon. Enid Kent: secretary. Eloise Hardt: Mrs. Maitland. Boyd Bodwell: messenger.

Willie: Mom, there's a guy in the garden.
Kate: Ha ha. Mr. Edmund.
Willie: Your hairdresser?!
Kate: No, that's Mr. Edwin. Mr. Edmund was sent by Sylvia Maitland, to make sure that our garden is presentable for tomorrow.
Willie: Well, I guess she's just trying to help. Being the mother of the groom is no fun.
Kate: She should've had a girl.
Buddy: It's gonna be great, isn't it?
Kate: I hope so, Tizzylish.
[Nancy walks in, scratching her arm]
Buddy: Here comes the bride...
Nancy: All dressed in hives.
Buddy: Hives? Where?
Nancy: Oh, don't ask. You know, I haven't had them for years, but they really seem to be making up for lost time.
Buddy: Well, you can't be nervous. It's not like you're in for any surprises or anything.
Nancy: Buddy, you have an amazing knack for getting right to the point.