Kate, in the hospital for a physical, meets a burned-out former rock star (Annie Potts); Annie needs Doug's help to impress her classmates with magic tricks. Charlotte Rae: nurse.

Written by Channing Gibson; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Annie Potts: Caddy Wilde. Charlotte Rae: Nurse Rondo. Ron Max: Richard Weeks. Betty Bridges: Nurse Owens. Gary Goetzman: Sam. Iris Rosenkrantz: Liza. Larry Rosenberg: Russell.

Nurse: She's only been on this floor since this morning.
Kate: Oh?
Nurse: She was brought in three days ago. Accidental overdose. Pills -- not to mention a snootfull.
Kate: Oh boy.
Nurse: Yeah, but it's old news, around here. These people... They've got too much of everything but good sense.
Kate: I suppose. About tomorrow -- what's the drill?
Nurse: Of course, she's strong as an ox. She was critical for a while. But then they got her detoxed. She came down from intensive care this morning, mouthing off a mile a minute.
Kate: I don't think we should be discussing this.
Nurse: I don't see why not. Everyone else is.
Kate: Just that it isn't any of my business.
Nurse: Oh... Well... Just as you wish, dear. Well, you better get some rest. And remember -- we mustn't eat till after our tests, tomorrow.
Kate: I'm game if you are.
Nurse: Ha ha ha. Night-night, now. [leaves]
Kate: We would give our eye teeth for a ham sandwich.
Caddy (appearing from behind curtain): My best offer is a package of Oreos.
Kate: Oh, thanks. Much as I'd love an Oreo, I think I'd better pass. I thought you were asleep.
Caddy: Yeah, so did Nurse Ratched. Hey, uh... thanks.
Kate: For what?
Caddy: For not being a busybody.
Kate: Oh, that's alright.
Caddy: And it wasn't an accident... the only accident was failing to lock the bathroom door behind me. They got to me too soon. But that's cool... cause I never make the same mistake twice.
Doug: There's nothing more depressing than looking for last year's tax returns... except maybe finding them.