Just Friends

Willie considers an affair with a married woman (Kim Cattrall) he met in a writing class; Nancy, sick of living in a "fishbowl," decides to move out of the guest-house and into an apartment of her own.

Written by Walter Koenig; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Peter Levin. Kim Cattrall: Susan Madison. Dennis Howard: Gil Howland. Bert Remsen: Mr. Defilips. Mike McManus: Mr. Lemon. Marcy Hanson: Yvonne Chase. George Pentecost: apt. manager. Tara Buckman: Aunt Joanne. Kathy McCullen: girl. Owen Sullivan: husband.

Susan: "Anyone knowing Emily Ellis could tell from the current contents of her refrigerator that she was in a state of acute depression. Crammed with frozen Chinese food -- egg roll, Chow Mein, Chop Suey, cartons of Won Ton soup -- its interior represented the only food in her apartment. And since she was violently allergic to Chinese food, she was obviously trying to commit suicide by starvation."
Kate: Nancy's not home. She's been apartment-hunting all day.
Doug: Ah.
Kate: Doug... There's nothing wrong with her finding a place of her own.
Doug: Oh, I know that. I just don't want her to leave for the wrong reasons. I mean, she had a tantrum, and now she feels obliged to see it through -- whether she wants to or not.
Kate: Suppose she wants to?
Doug: Kate, she has a house right back there. She pays no rent. It's an ideal situation.
Kate: For whom?
Doug: I'm gonna talk to her, when she gets back.
Kate: Better have a listen, too.
Doug: I suppose you think I'm being foolish.
Kate: Not foolish, fatherly. And wrong.
Doug: My loyal wife.
Kate: If you wanted compliance, you should've married a St. Bernard.