Nancy's new boss (Mitch Ryan) pressures her to sleep with him; Buddy tries out for the cheerleading squad.

Written by Liz Coe; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Edward Parone. Mitch Ryan: Mike Dunston. Andra Akers: Roz Cornick. Sam Freed: Hilson. Fred Stuthman: Stanley Maxwell. Laura Campbell: Linda Hall. Stacy Swor: Janet. Alicia Fleer: Clara. Shannon Terhune: Margie.

Nancy: She'll hate it.
Doug: Well, you loved it.
Nancy: In retrospect, you enjoyed it more than I did.
Doug: Oh, I liked... the pageantry.
Kate: You liked the short skirts.
Nancy: How well do you know Dunston?
Roz: Uh... Yale Law School, class of '61, magna cum laude... Yale Law Review...
Nancy: That's not what I meant. Um...
Roz: In other words, you wanna know if he made a move on me, too. OK, I'll tell you. Mike Dunston has what is quaintly referred to as "a weakness for women." So the answer is, yes, he did. And the answer to the question that you're not going to ask is... yes, I did.
Nancy: Maybe -- maybe we oughta talk about something else.
Roz: What, the climate? That's exactly what we're talking about, Nancy. Lemme tell you,. the weather's the same everywhere else.
Nancy: You're married, of course, so...
Mike: I consider that my problem.
Nancy: OK, uh, if that's the way you wish to live your life, that's none of my business. But you are my boss, and I think a working relationship should be just that. So... thank you, but no thank you.
Mike: This is really getting boring. But then, the injured-innocent routine always is. It takes two to play this game, Nancy, and you made it perfectly clear that you were willing to join in. There isn't a man in the world who would've done what you did, at your interview -- telling me how desperate you were. You know what you look like. You made a heavy feminine appeal for chivalry, and you got exactly what you asked for.