The Friend's Affair

A colleague and friend of Doug's (Donald Moffat) is cheating on his wife (Whitney Blake); Annie suspects a next-door neighbor of having murdered his.

Written by Calvin Clements, Jr.; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Philip Leacock. Donald Moffat: Gene Carson. Whitney Blake: Eve Carson. Charles Tyner: Mr. Chadway. Shannon Wilcox: Marilyn. Lew Horn: mailman. Lesley Woods: Mrs. Chadway.

Willie: It's Rear Window. I know the dialogue by heart.
Annie: Rear Window? What's this? I've never seen that.
Willie: Oh, man, talk about the generation gap! That's prime Hitchcock. It's about a man who breaks his leg, and has to stay in his apartment in a big city. And his girlfriend, Grace Kelly, brings him a pair of binoculars. Anyway, one day he's looking through the binoculars, and he sees someone...
Annie: ... Commit a murder.
Willie: I thought you'd never seen it!
Annie: I've never seen a porno movie, but if you set up a simple idea, I can imagine the developments.
Willie: I shudder to think...
Kate: You lied.
Doug: All right, I lied.
Kate: Gene is seeing another woman.
Doug: Yeah. I found about it yesterday... I walked in on him and Marilyn Steele. It's a mess.
Kate: But you sat right here the other night and swore to Eve that nothing was going on!
Doug: Well, what the devil did you expect me to say to her?
Kate: I don't know... It's just rotten.
Doug: Yeah, it is. But it's for him and Eve to work out.
Kate: I'm not talking about him and Eve! Of course it's for him and Eve to work out. Of course, that's rotten and I'm upset, and sorry for Eve. I'm not talking about them. You weren't just lying to Eve, you were lying to me, too.
Doug: I didn't mean to lie to you, you were just there. Dammit, Kate, I don't like this any better than you do!
Kate: Then don't lie.
Doug: Eve was begging to be told a lie, just begging!
Kate: What about me? What was I begging to be told?
Doug: I didn't wanna hurt her.
Kate: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't understand. It's all to spare Eve. I apologize. I should've known that a stand-up guy like you wouldn't make up a fairy story like that for any other reason. Certainly not to protect an old buddy -- an old buddy who once protected him, and who might possibly be called on again sometime...
Doug: Kate...
Kate: It's true, isn't it? You men have to be able to depend on each other at times like this, don't you?