Buddy has a crush on her swimming instructor (Marshall Colt), much to Zack's displeasure; Kate is tempted to call an old boyfriend.

Written by Diana Gould; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Philip Leacock. Leif Garrett: Zack. Marshall Colt: Jason. Brent Spiner: Fred. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Pat Corley: umpire. Robin Dearden: Peggy. Lynn Hallowell: singing messenger.

Audrey: I hate these caps. They make me look like a dork.
Buddy: Yeah, but they're good for your speed. Now, put it on.
Audrey: I don't care about speed, I just don't wanna drown.
Buddy: Mr. O'Connor...
Jason: How about "Jason"? I mean, I was just rubbing your leg, after all.
Buddy: I really made a fool out of myself.
Kate: Oh, Buddy... Showing somebody you care for them doesn't make you a fool.
Buddy: It does, when they don't feel the same way. And he doesn't. He never did.
Kate: Probably not. Not the way you wanted him to, anyway. But think of it this way: you discovered a whole new way of feeling about somebody.
Buddy: I sure did. And I never wanna feel that way again.