Coming Apart

Buddy gets a job at a bakery, and introduces Willie to her boss, "Big Al"; Nancy gets involved with Peter, while she's finalizing her divorce from Jeff -- despite the latter's pleas for a reconciliation.

Written by Hindi Brooks; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by John Erman. David Hedison: Peter Towne. Jane Alice Brandon: Alexandra Friel. John Rubinstein: Jeff Maitland. Mary Grace Canfield: Mrs. Hanley. Edith Atwater: Judge Harmon. Gaye Nelson: Liz Romney. Drew Michaels: Neal Ferguson. Michael David Schackelford: Timmy Maitland.

Jeff: We need more time. I can't take what's gonna happen in court tomorrow. I want more time for us. For me. To kinda back up and start over and get it right. I can get it right, Nancy, if you just give me some more time. I'll be anything you want me to be.
Nancy: What I want you to be? Isn't that a decision you're supposed to have made for yourself?
Jeff: Yes, of course, you're right. [sarcastically] A long time ago, I decided I wanted to be a circus clown. Then I met you and I said, "Nah, this girl just isn't gonna enjoy life under the big top." [bangs on table] Come on, Nancy, talk to me! You always used to say, "Let's have a dialog, let's have a dialog" -- all right, [sits down] let's have a dialog. Have a dialog with me, Nancy! Please.
Nancy: It's all been said, Jeff. I'm worn out waiting for you to grow up.
Jeff: I guess I'm a little bit of a late bloomer, dear, you just gotta [raises voice] hang in there with guys like me! You know Einstein never even said "Mama" until he was 4 years old?
Nancy: Oh, you're incredible. You really think you can get away with everything. Oh, I'll define "everything" for you, now: that's Claire, Barbara, Zina --
Jeff: Let me define everything. Nancy. Just Nancy. I mean that. You're my everything. [hums] Taladadadadee...
Nancy: Charm's worn off. Doesn't work anymore.
Jeff: Well, what do you want me to do? You want me to crawl to you, on your mother's spotless kitchen floor?
Nancy: No, see, I don't want anything from you. But I do have a little home truth for you. [Jeff laughs] It's not Nancy you want. It's just that, see, she's the one that's getting away. And I am getting away, Jeff, believe me! Good night.
Jeff: All right, Princess Perfect -- you call the shots, just like always. But let me leave you with a little home truth: you like a man in your bed, babe, and my money says it'll be a breezy day in Death Valley before you ever find anybody to stand up to your artillery...
Nancy: Get out...
Jeff: ... on any kind of permanent basis...
Nancy [screaming]: Get out of here! Get out! Get out!
Jeff: It's over! [walks away]
Nancy: Get out! [covers face]

Buddy: When I get married -- if I ever get married -- I'll stay married.
Nancy: Honey, everybody thinks that. Jeff and I didn't wanna end up this way.
Buddy: Maybe I won't get married.
Nancy: Maybe the thing to do is not use me as an example. Think of Mom and Dad.
Buddy: Well, OK... I'll reconsider.