Exits and Entrances

After Buddy stars in a high-school play (Shaw's Saint Joan), her interest in acting is strongly encouraged by a friend of Kate's, a professional actress; Annie gets a telemarketing job to pay for a new bike.

Teleplay by Emily Shoemaker, Carolyn See and Jackie Joseph; story by Carolyn See and Jackie Joseph; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Gwen Arner. Rachel Roberts: Angela Brown. Joe Bennett: Julian. Bob Marsic: Dunois. Lanny Horn: inquisitor. Claudia Wells: Barbara.

Buddy: "And the young lambs crying through the healthy frost. And the blessèd church-bells that --"
Kate: "Blessèd, blessèd church-bells."
Buddy: Sorry; I always leave out that second "blessèd." "And the blessèd, blessèd church-bells that send my angel voices floating to me on the wind. But without these things I cannot live; and by your wanting to take them away from me, or from any human being --"
Kate: "Human creature."
Buddy: "Or from any human creature, I know your counsel is of the Devil, and mine is of God." What do you think?
Kate: I think that George Bernard Shaw was a sublime writer. And I also think I've heard the lines so many times I could play the part myself.
Buddy: Nuh-uh. Saint Joan was 17.
Kate: Oh. Never thought of that. I guess Cybil Thorndike didn't, either.
Buddy: Cybil Thorndike?
Kate: She was the first actress who ever played the part. I think she was over 40 when she did.
Buddy: OK, I take it back.
Kate: No. Buddy has enough on her plate right now. With her own play -- not to mention, dealing with the fuss that you've made over her...
Angela: I was -- I was not just making polite noises, Kate. What I told her, I meant. I told you -- the ingenue we've got is no good. Buddy could walk right into the part.
Kate: N.O.
Angela: Kate, your daughter wants to be an actress.
Kate: Six months ago, she wanted to be a race-car driver.
Willie: Hi. How's business?
[Annie turns both thumbs down]
Willie: Really? Why don't you try your pitch on me? Tell me why I should take disco lessons.
Annie: You? You shouldn't, you have two left feet.
Willie: Let's ignore my infirmities for the moment.