When the Lawrences visit the family farm, Kate confronts her mother's ghost, while Buddy flirts with a local yokel.

Written by Florrie Adelson; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Lance Kerwin: Dexter. Macon McCalman: Prettyman. Sandy Ward: Watkins. David Michael [sic] Shackelford: Timmy.

[Willie, Buddy, and Annie are playing Monopoly as Doug walks in]
Annie (reading card): Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
Willie: Aaaaah.... I got you right where I want you, now.
Doug: Now, uh, if I could have your attention for a minute?
Annie: Well, since I'm behind bars, you've got mine.
Doug: No, this will only take a second. Your mother and I were talking about going up to the farm... for Thanksgiving.
Annie: Farm?
Buddy: Oh, that's a good idea. You two haven't been away by yourselves in a long time.
Doug: We were talking about all of us going.
Willie: Oh! Fantastic! It's gorgeous up there now.
Buddy: No way, I have heavy week-end schedule planned!
Annie: Hey, wait a moment! Do we own a farm?
Doug: Willie does.
Annie (to Willie): Didn't know you were a man of property... except for Boardwalk and Park Place, of course.
[Kate is wiping dishes with a towel]
Kate: I knew we forgot to pack something...
Willie: What?
Kate: The dishwasher.
Willie: Awww... shame on you, Mom.
Kate: Give yourself a coupla days.
Willie: Oh, how would you like to have some fresh cornbread?
Kate: We just finished lunch!
Willie: I know, but I just found Hattie's recipe. I think I'll give it a whirl.
Kate: Whirl away.
Voice from upstairs: Ahhhh!
Kate: That's Buddy!
Annie: Don't panic! That shriek is only Buddy's way of telling you that there's no hot water in the shower.
Kate: Oh, she's forgotten. This hot-water tank can only do one job at a time, and just now it's done the dishes.
Annie: But -- but she's all soaped up!
Willie: Tell her about the Pioneers.
Annie: You tell her. She's already showing signs of blowdryer withdrawal.