Nancy, cramming for the bar exam, keeps getting distracted by her neighbor; Annie goes on a survivalist kick.

Teleplay by Barbara Bosson; story by Diana Gould; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by James Broderick. Greg Mullavey: Ben Rivers. Jenny Sullivan: Diane Rivers.

[Annie climbs out her window and down the wall, using a rope ladder]
Annie: 37 seconds. Not bad at all.
Willie: Not bad for what? A cat burglar?
Annie: I can get from my bed to safe ground in 37 seconds exactly.
Kate: Sounds good to me. But why would you want to?
Annie: In case of an earthquake, of course.
Buddy: An earthquake? What earthquake?
Annie: The one California is way overdue for.
Kate, Willie, and Buddy (in chorus): Oh. That earthquake.

Diane: Amazing luck.
Nancy: What?
Diane: Ben. He lucks out every time. 24 hours on his own, and he meets you, without ever having to leave the house.
Nancy: Well, actually, we met by accident. Literally. He had a fire in his apartment.
Diane (laughs): You saved him from fire? It was flood, for me. He went out and left the tub running. I lived in the apartment under his. He got back just as the manager and I were going in to turn off the water. We got married 6 weeks later. He's really turned being accident-prone into an art form.
Diane: That emergency must've really been a whopper.
Nancy: Why?
Diane: Well, it's almost... 8 o'clock now.
Nancy: Are you telling me that he had no intention of helping me?
Diane: Not at all. But if he did show up now, what good would it do you? You're worn out, probably panicked. He knows what it's like, taking the bar. And he knows you can put it off. Indefinitely.
[phone rings]
Diane: That's him.
Nancy: Maybe...
Diane: I'm sure it is. Very apologetic, and on his way. He'll probably stop off and get you something. [giggles] It's usually corned beef on rye. Ben may be one of the first to have discovered the seductive qualities of delicatessen.