Disco Queen

Buddy sneaks into a disco club, with the help of an older acquaintance, and finds it more than she bargained for; Annie has a date with a jock.

Written by Edward Zwick; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Edward Parone. Priscilla Lopez: Julie. Paul Pape: Clyde. Dennis Dimster: Brock. Jeff Kutash: Allen Moss. James Jeter: Policeman. Nels Van Patten: Daniel.

Doug: What time d'you get home last night?
Buddy: Not late. Nine.
Doug: Where were you?
Buddy: Mom knew I wasn't coming home for dinner, Dad.
Doug: Second night in a row...
Buddy: I had plans, OK?
Doug: No. It's not OK, not on a school night.
Buddy: I'm sixteen years old!
Doug: Exactly. Honey, I just wanna make sure you're taking proper care of yourself. This mysterious new social life of yours...
Buddy (pushing her plate away): I'm not hungry after all.
Doug: No reason to act like a child.
Buddy: That's how you're treating me, isn't it?
Doug: I'll see you tonight at dinner.
Buddy: I don't think I can make it.
Doug: Oh, I think you can. And will. You understand?
Buddy: Yeah. Bye. [gets up and leaves]
Doug: Oh, sixteen... Not again!
Annie: How was your day at school?
Kate: Hair-raising. Somehow, I still feel as if I should ask you that question.
Annie: Role reversal is a healthy sign in family relationships.
Kate: Someone's been reading my psychology textbook again...
Annie: It beats anything on the sixth-grade reading list.
Kate: Good! Then maybe you could help me cram for my exams.
Kate: Annie, was it my imagination -- or did you just ask a boy for a date?
Annie: All the other girls at school are doing it. Besides, if I didn't make my move, Emmy Sheldon would've beaten me to the punch.
Kate: I suppose we have Gloria Steinem to thank for this.
Brock: Hey, Annie, look at it this way: when I become a famous quarterback, you can tell your kids you kissed a superstar.
Annie: On the other hand, I could tell them I witnessed your first incomplete pass.
Willie: What's the problem?
Annie: Brock.
Willie: I thought you were crazy about him.
Annie: On the football field, yes. But in person... he's about as appealing as a goalpost.
Willie: Well, then just tell him to kick off.
Annie: Not funny.