Annie, who still misses her parents, can't relate to the Lawrences' holiday cheer, and decides to run away until Christmas is over; Willie runs into his old barber, who is about to close up shop for good.

Written by Paul Wolff; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Philip Leacock. Marge Edmond: Sgt. Strachey. Jan Arvan: Vito. Michael Keaton: tree salesman. Lew Horn: mailman. Michael David Shackelford: Timmy.

Doug: Listen, don't ever mention this to your mother, but I'm beginning to wish it could be a little bit more seasony.
Willie: I know. There is something very depressing about bringing home a Christmas tree on top of a car, with the air conditioning going full blast inside.
Vito: Your hair... What's happened to her? She's-a... fluffy.
Willie: She is? I mean, it is. It's fluffy.
Vito: Willie, let me give you -- let me give you a little advice. Next time you get-a your hair cut, you tell-a your stylist, no blow dryer! It's-a bad for the follicles.
Timmy: Grandpa.
Nancy: Grandpa?
Timmy: Santa... Grandpa's Santa.
Nancy: Hah, hah. Grandpa's Santa. You're nobody's fool, are you?