Moment Of Truth

Doug is threatened by a man (Paul Shenar, who later played Kristy's father in Dream Lover) he once helped put in jail; Buddy and Audrey have a fight about who copied from whom on an algebra test.

Written by Paul Huson; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman. Paul Shenar: Bob Gantry. Marilyn Chris: Miss Grey. Charles Hallahan: watch commander. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Ned Wilson: instructor.

Annie: A quadratic equation in two unknowns. 6x2 + 2y = 1. Therefore...
Buddy: Therefore... um... x = 1/3 xy. (!!)
Annie: And why?
Willie: Why? Because we like you!
Buddy: Butt out.
Willie: I'm sorry. It's just that the thought of an algebra problem brings back these dreaded memories.
Buddy: Yeah, but you're not the one who has to take the exam.
Willie: You'll do fine. Just remember the gazintas.
Buddy: The what?
Willie: The gazintas. You know -- two gazinta six three times, three gazinta nine three times...
Annie: Don't you have a plane to catch?
Willie: As a matter of fact, I do. Excuse me... The Dame Game goes to San Francisco. A foggy week of wine, women, and game-show questions.
Buddy: I'll go with you. And we can stump 'em all with quadratic equations, huh?
Willie: Oh, come on. I'll bet you anything that you pass.
Buddy: Bet your car.
Willie: Anything but that.
Gantry: Not a bad year... I approve. But for my next visit, I prefer Burgundy to Bordeaux.
Doug: There's not gonna be a next visit, Gantry.
Gantry: Sure there is. I imagine it'll take the police all of 7 minutes to get here. I'm sure your wife has called them by now. Which gives me about 5 minutes' leeway.
Doug: What makes you think I'm gonna let you leave?
Gantry: Because I know you, Lawrence. You're not about to use that gun on me.
Doug: You sure?
Gantry: Sure I'm sure. You're a reasonable man... Taking life offends you. You're like all the rest of 'em out there -- hiding behind the laws, because you're too weak to stand on your own hind legs.