Malicious Mischief

Nancy considers a marriage proposal from Timmy's daycare provider (David Birney) -- until he gets accused of child abuse; Willie falls in love with a cat.

Written by Loraine Despres; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Peter Levin. David Birney: Joe Alcott. Fran Brill: Gwen Ingersoll. Wendy Schaal: Sarah. Elizabeth Cheshire: Beth Ingersoll. Michael David Shackelford: Timmy.

Annie: Joe is ideal brother-in-law material, I'd say. What would you say?
Nancy: I'd say I'm not saying.
Annie: Guess the competition must be pretty rough these days, what with the divorce rate and all.
Nancy: I think I can hold my own.
Annie: Sure, but statistics can't be ignored. He's a prime catch for a divorcée. You know, if I was in your shoes --
Nancy: I get the message! Here, eat. Can't talk with your mouth full.
Kate: That's what you think.
Willie: I have this date planned for tomorrow night, a big date. She was coming over for dinner...
Buddy: Oh, if you're gonna make your chocolate mousse, save me some!
Willie: Well, talk to the cat -- he ate all of it.
Kate: I'd consider that grounds for divorce.
Willie: I'm giving him one more chance. There's always the possibility that he had a sudden craving for chocolate.