An Apple For the Teacher

Kate's teaching career gets off to a rough start, when a student decides to continuously annoy her; Annie borrows Buddy's "lucky" ring to help during a spelling bee, and promptly loses it.

Teleplay by Margaret J. Schibi; story by Channing Gibson; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by Kim Friedman. Steven Guttenberg: Philip. Priscilla Pointer: Pat Wills. Richard McKenzie: Mr. Stevens. Louise Hoven: Anna. Claudia Wells: Denise.

Annie: Kate, remember to look in your desk and chair. I remember once we had this student teacher... Some of the kids put rubber cement all over her chair.
Kate: Thanks for the tip. I seem to remember having considerable respect for that person standing in front of the room...
Doug: Pointer in hand...
Buddy: Oh, kids are different now than back in the olden days.
Kate: The invention of the wheel helped.
Kate: Remember you said there's always somebody who tries to test you? To see who's boss? You were right. That's just what Philip Ogden was doing. Well, he got his answer; he's boss. I concede.
Doug: And that's that?
Kate: I guess my ability to deal with kids is restricted to my own back yard.