The Athlete

Buddy, volunteering at a hospital, encounters a star high-school basketball player (Michael Biehn) who is there for a broken leg -- or so he thinks; Annie runs for class president against her nemesis, Emmy Sheldon (Mary Oedy).

Written by Marshall Herskovitz; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Kim Friedman. Michael Biehn: Jake. Stephen Keep: Dr. Haber. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. David Hollander: Billy. Bobby F. Ellerbee: Steven. Mary Oedy: Emmy Sheldon. Marilyn Coleman: nurse.

Kate: Emmy Sheldon? Are you running against her?
Annie: Yes, and I'm committed to winning the election.
Kate: And even more committed to beating Emmy.
Annie: Happily, in this case, the two are synonymous.
Audrey: Look at it this way -- I mean, he's off the basketball team for the season... He may need some, uh, sympathetic companionship. You know what they say about patients falling in love with their nurses.
Buddy: Their doctors, Audrey. Not their nurses.
Audrey: Whatever.
Buddy: I'm sorry.
Jake: Sorry?
Buddy: About you having to have the biopsy.
Jake: Oh, great. I'm sure everybody's talking about it. Hear about the McAlister kid? No more basketball for him, he's got the big C.
Buddy: A biopsy doesn't necessarily mean you have it. I've talked to a lot of doctors, and they say --
Jake: Buddy, do me a favor. Just leave me alone.
Buddy: The doctor says that only --
Jake: Buddy, I asked you to clear outta here.
Buddy: Jake, your chances are very good. Even if you did have it, they might find it early enough and --
Jake: Early enough? Oh yeah. I know all about that, too. They find it early enough, they give me time to say goodbye to my leg.
Buddy: Come on.
Jake: Would you get outta here? Or are you one of those chicks who has a thing for cripples?