The Ties That Bind

Elaine and Annie go through some abandonment issues.

Produced by Edward Zwick; written by Carol Evan McKeand; directed by Richard Kinon. Louise Lathem: Elaine Hogan. Claudette Nevins: Claire Hopkins. Ruth Manning: Mrs. Hanley. James Jetter: store detective. Judy Kerr: hostess. Jessica Nelson: waitress.

Kate: Elaine and I just don't see as much of each other as we used to. Happens in friendships all the time.
Mrs. Hanley: Not in mine. And if you ask me, you'll find out soon enough you threw out a silk purse for a sow's ear.
Kate: Lucky for me, I didn't ask you.

Kate: Elaine, you're smoking! After 5 years -- I don't believe it!
Elaine: Well, it's one of the fringe benefits of having a husband who walks out on you. I have managed to get back up to 2 packs a day in only 6 weeks.
Kate: 6 weeks? I can't believe it's that long since we've seen each other.
Elaine: You're right, it isn't. It's 8 weeks.

Doug: Mrs. Hogan?
Annie: Yeah, she came while you were out. It's nice to see her around again.
Doug: Yes, it is.
Annie: Of all of Kate's friends, I think I like her best.
Doug: Me too.
Annie: What do you think of Mrs. Hopkins?
Doug: Claire?
Annie: That's the one.
Doug: She's, uh... she's very nice.
Annie: You can do better than that.
Doug: I guess you don't like her very much.
Annie: No...
Doug: Why not?
Annie: Well, it's hard to explain, exactly... But I've got the feeling she's not the one to be on the Titanic with.

Elaine: What do I do, in the meantime?
Kate: What you've always done.
Elaine: Fred's shirts? Well, that's out -- he's found a younger laundress.