Jack Of Hearts

Buddy and Nancy find themselves in a love triangle; Annie dabbles in the occult.

Written by April Smith; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by Edward Parone. Jameson Parker: Jack. Michael David Shackelford: Timmy.

Nancy: I tell you, the men I meet just aren't worth the effort. You know, it used to be that when I kissed, I'd hear bells and banjos.
Kate: Not anymore?
Nancy: Not a jingle.
Kate: Your father is going to Jean's [Gene's?] tennis club tomorrow. Why don't you join him? Think of all those splendid men in white.
Nancy: Oh, I know -- when I was 5, I fell in love with the Good Humor man. Where is he now?
Doug (counting the place settings): You, me, Buddy, Nancy... Willie or Annie?
Kate: Neither.
Doug: Who's the fifth?
Kate: Buddy's jogging partner, Jack.
Doug: Oh, the college boy, what's his name -- McBride. Are we adopting him?
Kate: Oh, I don't think Buddy wants him for a brother.
Doug: He's had brunch here the past three Sundays. Why doesn't he take her out on a date?
Kate: Maybe he's shy.
Doug: Maybe he's cheap.
Jack: First swim: I was 6, my brother threw me in the pool at the YMCA.
Nancy: Uh, Pacific Ocean. I was 3, holding my father's hand.
Jack: Good! OK, first slice of pizza: Nardelli's Leaning Tower Of Pizza.
Nancy: Oh, uh... Eddie Beck's birthday party. It was frozen.
Jack: OK, I've got an easy one. First kiss: Heidi Fabrikant, in the stairway of our building, and I was 12.
Nancy: Um... Peter Strisic, 3rd grade, at recess. He did it on a dare.
Jack: Nah. You didn't believe that, did you?
Nancy: No.
Jack: He did it because he wanted to... The dare was just an excuse. Wish I'd been in your 3rd-grade class.
Nancy: You weren't even born yet!
Jack: Is that what's bothering you -- my age?
Nancy: What's bothering me is Buddy. I don't -- I don't wanna do anything that's gonna hurt her.
Jack: I don't either. She's a nice kid, and I do mean kid.
Buddy: It's true, Mom.
Kate: What's true?
Buddy: They're together. They're a couple.
Kate: Did Nancy say that?
Buddy: She didn't have to -- he was there.
Kate: Oh, Buddy.
Buddy: And half undressed, too. You told me to go over there, so I did. But you told me I'd feel better afterwards, and I don't. I mean, can you believe her? What kind of person does that?
Kate: A desperate one, I'm afraid.
Buddy: Yeah, well, I don't care. I hate them both.
Kate: I can't say I blame you. But when the dust settles, there may be an explanation...
Buddy: Whatever it is, I don't wanna hear it. You know, all this stuff about Nancy and I becoming closer and building our relationship -- it's a bunch of lies. She wanted to know my good-looking friend, she didn't wanna know me.
Kate: Oh, Buddy.
Buddy: But that's fine, too. Cause I don't wanna know her. Ever.
Kate: Do you know how much you've hurt Buddy?
Nancy: I didn't mean to.
Kate: After you both worked so hard to be good sisters to one another... you trade her love and trust for a little night music.
Nancy: Well, I think you've underestimated my relationship with Jack.
Kate: How is that possible?
Nancy: I'll talk to Buddy. She'll understand.
Kate: Don't be too sure of that. She really liked that boy.
Nancy: Well, he liked her too, but not in the same way.
Kate: So you took him.
Nancy: I didn't just take him -- he wanted me!
Kate: Is that all that you require these days, my darling daughter?