Annie gets picked on by her classmates, for being too smart; Buddy, studying for her SATs, worries that she's not smart enough.

Written by Edward Zwick; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by James Broderick. Jenny O'Hara: Miss Chase. Dana Hill: Martha. Debbie Lytton: Elisa.

Doug: The important thing is, Buddy, not to worry.
Buddy: Sure. Why worry, when you can panic?
Willie: Half-day today, kidlet?
Annie: Oh, I...
Willie: Oh, you ditched, huh?
Annie: Oh, no, not really.
Willie: Come on, Annie. You're talking to one of the most famous truants in the Pasadena school system history.
Annie: You won't tell Kate?
Willie: Not if you tell me why you did it.
Annie: I can't.
Willie: No deal.
Annie: I'm encountering a hostile response from my peers.
Willie: You mind translating that into English?
Annie: You sound just like Martha Halston -- making fun of the way I talk. Can I help it if I have a good vocabulary?
Willie: Yes, as a matter of fact, you can. Why do you suppose Martha Halston does that?
Annie: Because she's too stupid to understand a word I say.
Willie: Well, have you considered using words that she would understand?
Annie: Yes, but I'm not allowed to say them.