Daylight Serenade

Buddy has an ambiguous relationship with a nerdy schoolmate whom Kate is training for a piano audition; Nancy begs Annie to teach her how to rollerskate, so she can go to a party with a handsome fellow lawyer (Ted Danson).

Written by Liz Coe; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by Edward Parone. Timothy Wead: Henry Sagor. Ted Danson: David Bartels. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Hallie Eckstein: Marci Murdock. Julie Alter: Sylvia Greene. Michael Convertino: Kevin O'Neill.

Kate: How's your audition piece coming?
Henry: On some days, I think it sounds pretty good. On other days...
Kate: What does your piano teacher say?
Henry: I had to give her up. My parents said it got too expensive. They're saving for more important things, like lawn furniture.
Kate: But something as crucial as the National Music Competition... You oughta have somebody coaching you.
Henry: Like who?
Kate: Like me.
Henry: Thanks... But I couldn't.
Kate: Why not? I'd be happy to help you.
Henry: You would?
Kate: Of course.
Henry: But the audition's this Saturday.
Kate: So we better get started. You be at my house around 6, that'll give us plenty of time. I'll give you the address.
Henry: I thought of asking you before, but... I chickened out.
Kate: You must learn to be brave, Henry.
Henry: Me, brave? I've only taken a risk once in my life. I did a recital with a slow page-turner.
David: Hi. Aren't you Nancy Maitland, of Maxwell, Duncan, and Young?
Nancy: If you know my Social Security number, too, I'm really in trouble.
David: I'm David Bartels.
Nancy: Uh, hi.
David: Am I interrupting anything?
Nancy: It's my brother.
David: Well, I've seen you at the office before, I've just never had the courage to talk to you.
Nancy: You're wearing skates, and you say you lack courage? I don't buy that.
David: I'm practising for that party Thursday night. Are you going?
Willie (returning): Oh, she wouldn't miss it for anything!
David: Well, great!
Willie: I'm sorry. I'm Willie Lawrence. I'm Nancy's brother.
David: Nice to meet you, Willie. Well, if I'm late to court, they take away my skates. I'll see you at the party, Nancy. Nice meeting you.
Willie: Nice to meet you.
[David skates off]
Nancy: I can't possibly go to that party! I haven't been on skates in twenty years.
Willie: Well, just look at it this way: the Wright brothers had never flown...
Annie: What's this stuff called, anyway?
Kate: Chicken Cacciatore. Why do you ask?
Annie: So I never order it in a restaurant.
Kate: After that, you may never be in a restaurant. Why so quiet, Buddy?
Annie: Her date for the Sadie Hawkins Day dance cancelled. He had mono, and you know how you get tha-at...
Kate: Why don't you invite someone else?
Buddy: Anyone who's anyone is already going.
Annie: You should go alone.
Buddy: I'd rather die.
Annie: Then you wouldn't need a date. [pushing her plate away] Let's save the rest of this for Doug.
Buddy: How come we're eating at five?
Kate: Oh, I'm sorry it's so early. I have company coming.
Annie: Who?
Kate: A student I'm preparing for the National Music Competition.
Buddy: Anyone I'd know?
Kate: His name's Henry Sagor.
Buddy: Oh, no. You didn't tell anyone, did you?
Kate: Why?
Buddy: I don't want anyone to think he's coming over to see me.
Kate: Buddy, for Pete's sake!
Buddy: Henry Sagor's a nerd.
Kate: Would you care to translate that?
Annie: Someone of your vintage, Kate, might've called him a... drip.
Kate: I can assure you: at no time in my life -- however long -- would I have called Henry any such thing. He's a wonderful musician, and a charming young man. I've never met anyone quite like him.
Buddy (rolling her eyes): Me neither.
Kate: You know, your standards leave something to be desired. There's more to life than high-school dances.
Annie: Like what?
Kate: You get more like your sister every day.
Annie: Thank you!
Buddy: She didn't mean it as a compliment.
Buddy: My mom always wanted one of us to play the piano.
Henry: My mom always wanted one of us to play football.
Buddy: How many kids are there in your family?
Henry: One.
[Buddy is so stunned by this witticism that she drops her books; Henry helps her pick them up]
Henry: Oh, you're reading A Portrait Of the Artist As a Young Man.
Buddy: I'm trying.
Henry: Once you get into it, you'll love it. But, because James Joyce is different, you have to give him a chance.
Buddy: Yeah, my mom said that about liver, too.
Henry: And now you like it?
Buddy: No. But James Joyce has got to be better than liver.