'Tis the Season

A pre-Christmas argument with Willie nearly gives Doug a heart attack; Buddy invites her school's janitor (J. Pat O'Malley) to her house, where he quickly endears himself to everyone but Kate.

Written by Joan Taylor; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by Richard Kinon. J. Pat O'Malley: Harry Duffy. Stephen Pearlman: Dr. Sidney Simon. Devon Ericson: Rachel Peters. Michael Currie: Larry Berk. Michael David Shackelford: Timmy Maitland. Donna Gelgur: nurse.

Doug: Is Annie old enough to bake cookies this year?
Kate: She was, last year...
[Mr. Duffy opens the custodial closet and hands Buddy a few flower pots]
Buddy: Poinsettias!
Mr. Duffy: I couldn't leave them by themselves over the holidays -- they'll get lonely.
Buddy: Oh. Where are we taking them?
Mr. Duffy: First of all, to my truck. And then, to your house. Do you think your family would like them?
Buddy: Well, sure. But what about your family?
Mr. Duffy: My son and daughter live in Oregon.
Buddy: Oh, and they don't allow plants on planes...
Mr. Duffy: No; they don't allow people without tickets on planes.
Larry: What'd you get Kate?
Doug: An antique locket. Carol?
Larry: A humidifier.
Doug: What?
Larry: She's got sinus trouble.
Doug: You're a real romantic, Larry.
Larry: Try being romantic with a woman who blows her nose all night.