Rites Of Friendship

A friend of Willie's comes out of the closet; Buddy, after getting invited to the "Junior Jump" by a popular boy, asks Nancy to teach her to dance.

Written by Gerry Day and Bethel Leslie; produced by Nigel McKeand; directed by Glenn Jordan. Biff McGuire: Simon Remsen. Brian Byers: Zeke Remsen. Bobby Doran: Carl Baker. Morgan Jones: desk sergeant.

Buddy: What's going on, Zeke? Are you in some kind of trouble?
Zeke: No...
Buddy: I know you got arrested.
Zeke: I think maybe that's enough for you to know.
Buddy: I'm not 4 anymore, I'm 14. And if you think about it, I'm your second-oldest friend in the world.
Zeke: Yeah, and the way things have been going, you may be my first-oldest. Sit down.
[Buddy sits down next to him]
Zeke: Do you know what a homosexual is?
Buddy: Sure. A boy who likes a boy, or a girl who likes a girl.
Zeke: And that's what I am. I'm one of those boys.
Buddy: I guess I can't count on you to marry me, huh?