Play On Love

Willie finds the director of his play (Judith Chapman) more interesting than Rachel; Buddy insists on buying an old sports car, over Doug's objections.

Written by Margaret J. Schibi; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by Richard Kinon. Judith Chapman: Jo Hamlin. Devon Ericson: Rachel Peters. Larry Cedar: Macil. Louise Foley: Audrey Pfeiffer. Karen Austin: Emily. John David Yarbrough: Michael. Gary Goetzman: Steven.

Annie: Hi, Mr. playwright.
Willie: Oh, I, tell Rachel I'll be there in a minute, please.
Annie: She told me not to make you any more nervous than you already are. But if you don't move your caboose, you're gonna be late.
Willie: OK, OK.
Annie: You're not gonna wear that jacket, are you?
Willie: What's wrong with this jacket?
Annie: Oh, nothing, nothing. It just doesn't go with that sweater.
Willie: I bet nobody told Shakespeare how to dress.
Annie: Somebody should've -- he wore tights!
Rachel: Willie... I have a confession. I lied about your car being low on gas; I just wanted to drive you.
Willie: Oh, you figured the future of the American theater should be chauffeured?
Rachel: I figured the future of the American theater might be a risk to other drivers.
Jo: OK, everybody, let's --
Willie (walking up): Pardon me.
Jo: I'm sorry, what?
Willie: Did you say something about new pages?
Jo: Yes. Over the next few days, the playwright will be rewriting his play.
Michael (one of the actors): Thank goodness.
Jo: Michael, your acting better be as good as this script.
Michael: The play's fine. I just wish my part were a little bigger.
Jo: Don't worry, Michael, there'll be some changes.
Willie: I doubt the play will change that much.
Jo: Oh, but it will, though.
Willie: How do you know?
Jo: I'm the director. What makes you think that it won't?
Willie: I'm the playwright.
Buddy: Well?
Salesman: Uh, look, Buddy. You must understand -- these cars, they're used to running in a colder climate...
Audrey: You mean it's not the car, it's the climate?
Salesman: Heh. Let's just say it's nothing major.
Buddy: See, I told you.
Salesman: Yeah, like, at worst, you need a new radiator, and some electrical work.
Salesman: And how much will that cost?
Salesman: Oh, it shouldn't cost you more than a coupla hundred.
Buddy: Dollars?!
Salesman: Yeah. 'Scuse me. [runs off]
Audrey: It may be cheaper to just move to a colder climate.
Doug: Maybe you're not ready for a serious relationship.
Willie: That's a lousy thing to say, Dad. I'm ready, and I want that kind of involvement. But...
Doug: What?
Willie: I'm just not sure that Rachel is the right girl for me. Now don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful person. She's generous, and she's supportive... She's just not as exciting as Jo.
Doug: Are you sure it isn't that Jo is... new?
Willie: Oh, Dad, no. We argue, we fight... I learn from her.
Doug: Well, maybe it's working on the play together. See how you feel after the performance.
Willie: I can't. Rachel thinks we're going to announce our engagement tomorrow night.
Doug: Ah. You gotta do what you gotta do.
Willie: Boy, Pop, it's crazy. Jo is strong-willed, opinionated, rigid. And I can't stop thinking about her.
Doug: I once knew a woman like that.
Willie: What happened?
Doug: I married her.
Rachel: Willie, this is awfully sudden... There must be a reason.
Willie: I just told you.
Rachel: You didn't tell me anything! Is there someone else?
Willie: I dunno. Maybe there is.
Rachel: My whole life is falling apart, and you say "maybe"?!