Hard Times

Two friends of Buddy's (Fredric Lehne, Helen Hunt) who have been going steady for 3 years are having relationship problems -- and when she tries to help, the results aren't quite what she expected; Nancy's troubles at work affect Timmy's behavior.

Teleplay by Liz Coe and Sally Robinson; story by Vicki Zlotnick; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by Richard Kinon. Fredric Lehne: Rob. Richard Venture: Jim Hodges. Fred McCarren: Dan Epstein. Deborah White: Clara. Helen Hunt: Sandy. Nancy Locke: Debra Greenfield. Michael David Shackelford: Timmy Maitland.

Willie: Meatballs for breakfast?
Buddy: They're for the party I'm giving Rob and Sandy. I'm gonna freeze them.
Willie: Rob and Sandy?
Buddy: The meatballs, dodo-brain. The party isn't until next Saturday. It's gonna be their third anniversary.
Doug: Oh, three months?
Buddy: Three years!
Willie: You should see 'em, Dad. They even dress alike.
Doug: So do the Chicago Cubs.
Rob: Sandy wants us to go to different colleges.
Buddy: Is that true?
Sandy: Will you stop making it sound like it's a dumb idea?
Buddy: Wait a minute! I thought you guys never wanted to be apart.
Rob: She wants to broaden her horizons.
Sandy: What's wrong with that?
Rob: Why don't you just go to the library?
Nancy: OK, sweetie, you just sit there, and you can draw mommy a nice picture. Alright? But you have to remember to be very quiet so we don't disturb anybody else. I've got some work to do. [sits down at desk] A real nice picture.
[Mr. Hodges, Nancy's boss, walks in]
Hodges: Nancy -- have you summarized the deposition I gave you last week?
Nancy: I... I put it aside to do the brief.
Hodges: I need it right away.
Nancy: You'll have it.
Timmy: Look, mommy...
Hodges: Oh? Who's this -- a new researcher?
Nancy: Uh, that's my son.
Hodges: Is someone picking him up here?
Nancy: No, he's visiting.
Hodges: Ah...
Nancy: Well, not exactly visiting, it's more like an emergency landing. I had to take him out of school today.
Hodges: Nancy, this is a law office.
Nancy: He's very well-behaved.
Hodges: But Maxwell isn't. If he came in here right now, you could just pack up your desk.
Nancy: Mr. Hodges, I didn't know what else to do! Clara said she wouldn't mind looking after him.
Hodges: Clara is a secretary, not a baby-sitter. I'm sure she'd rather play with Timmy than take dictation, but that's not what she's paid for.
Buddy: Do you remember when you were dating Mom?
Doug: I took her to dinner just last week-end.
Buddy: I mean before you were married.
Doug: Oh, yeah.
Buddy: Yeah? What kind of things made you jealous?
Doug: Me, jealous?
Buddy: Yeah, like what if you saw her with another guy?
Doug: It wouldn't bother me. I trusted your mother.
Buddy: Well, what if you saw them... hand in hand?
Doug: I knew she liked only me.
Buddy: Well, what if you saw them with their arms around each other, gazing deeply into each other's eyes?
Doug: I'd kill him.
Buddy: Good!
Doug: Good?
Buddy: Never mind.
Buddy: We have to be convincing. Uh... Maybe we should hold hands, OK?
Rob: How can I eat pizza if we're holding hands?
Buddy: Did you come here to eat, or did you come here to make Sandy jealous?
Rob: Right. I wish you'd brought that up before I ordered a large pizza.