Such a Fine Line

A schoolboy (Michael J. Fox) has a crush on Kate; Jeff, now an in-over-his-head rock manager, blows into town with his band.

Written by Gina Frederica Goldman; produced by Edward Zwick; directed by James Broderick. John Rubinstein: Jeff Maitland. Michael J. Fox: Richard Topol. Allen Williams: Ron. Ilene Kristen: Lotus. Carl Anderson: Weedge. Morgan Kester: Scrapper's girl. Michael David Shackelford: Timmy Maitland

Kate: Don't think of him as Nancy's ex; think of him as Willie's friend.
Doug: I've just had breakfast. I'd rather not think of him at all.
Kate: Buddy -- do you know a boy named Richard Topol who works at the school library?
Buddy: No. Why?
Kate: The strangest thing happened this morning before school. He just wandered into my classroom.
Buddy: What did he want?
Kate: Just to talk.
Buddy: Well, how do you know him?
Kate: I don't. He seemed to know me.
Buddy: Bet you he has a crush on you.
Kate: Buddy, I'm not gonna tell you these things if you're gonna tease me.
Buddy: What? Remember when I had a crush on my swim coach? All I ever wanted to do was stand around and watch his hair dry.
Kate: All right, all right, I've learned my lesson.
Buddy: I don't see what's so absurd about it. I mean, Dad has a crush on you and he's not a slouch.
Kate: Don't you have to be someplace?
Buddy: Just play hard to get.
[Doug and Kate are in bed. Bell rings]
Kate: Doug, who's at the front door?
Doug (half asleep): Uh, you get it.
Kate: The Equal Rights Amendment doesn't apply at 5 in the morning. You get it.
Doug (slowly getting up): I voted for you guys.
Willie: Mom! You got a minute?
Kate: Take two minutes. I'm that kind of mother.
Richard: Are we alone?
Kate: Alone?
Richard: I mean, is your husband lurking about?
Kate: My husband doesn't lurk; he practices law. Right now, he's with a client.
Richard: Oh. Well, I hope he doesn't like champagne.
Kate: Why?
Richard (pulling out a bottle): Because it'll be flat by the time he gets here.
Kate: Richard, you're 14 years old! How did you buy that?
Richard: I bribed a wino. They're really very nice people, if you give 'em a chance. [pulls out a corkscrew] For the champagne.
Kate: You don't open champagne with a corkscrew!
Richard: Boy, older women sure can teach you a lot.
Kate: Richard... It's very kind of you paying me all this attention, but... I'm a married woman, I'm far too old for all of this.
Richard: That doesn't matter! Kate, we were meant for each other. We both like the same things -- music, art, literature, cream cheese and jelly...
Kate: How did you know that?
Richard: Sometimes, after school, I look in your garbage to see what you had for lunch.
Kate: Uh, what you have is a crush. It'll go away.
Richard: No, it won't. And neither will I. I'll follow you everywhere, Kate. Nothing -- I mean, nothing -- will keep me away.
Buddy (from the other room): Mom, I'm home!
Richard: Except maybe your daughter. Until tomorrow, dear sweet Kate. [picks up the bottle, and leaves as Buddy comes in]
Buddy: Still an item, huh?
Kate: I'm not handling this very well.